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How the Moon work's Magically and Naturally
Desribes some of the many things the moon can do.

The moon has been known for many things. Such as a protector in some cases or just another thing in the sky. The moon is a much needed factor on this Earth. Without the moon our planet would not be balanced and there would be no tides. For all those who surf. No tides= no surfing. Many people belive the moon has a natural healing ability to help other's and in some cultures worshipped as a god. Though not in all beliefs of course it is baised on your morals. Some spell's and rituals are down under the night sky and often use the moon for energy. Without the moon there would only be darkness in the night other than the soft glow of the stars. There would be no tides or a balanced earth. I hope this helped.-nightshaded8


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