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This is for members, who get gagged and feel to express their feeling about the moderator that gagged them. So please read this.

Reasons Moderators are on this Site.

Moderators were put on this site, because the owner (Petrarca) can't be on here every day and night  to patrol the site. He has other things to take care of. He placed moderators to help him "run" the site and keep a perfect order. Their jobs are too;

  1. Patrol the forums and public chatter.

  2. To keep this site in order (but they can not make a change to the site itself.)

  3. They are to help people when they can (This doesn't mean they take students, they answer simple and realistic questions).

You should always read their bio (including members as well). To see what their expectations are, and what they know.

What you Don't do on this site.

Okay in order to keep clean and not get gagged on this site;

  1. Do not argue with a moderator. (It can result in a gag.)

  2. Do not brake the rules of the public chatter, forums, and the rules of the site.

  3. Do not place any negative bio, forum, or public chatter posts about a moderator that gagged you, this can result in a regag.

What a gag is.

A gag is a way of blocking you from sending messages, posting in the forums, and sending public chats. You may go onto your profile but you wont be able to take part in those activities.


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