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Powerful Talismans for Wiccans
There are hundreds of talismans. This is a article about some of them.

Orgonite talismans are spiritual tools that help convert negative energy into positive energy.  They are based on the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich who discovered that life-force energy is attracted by inorganic materials and simultaneously attracted then repelled by organic materials.  This causes a scrubbing action which re-energises stale and negative energy and converts it into fresh, positive energy.  orgonites are made of organic resin and inorganic metal shavings.

Orgonite talismans contain quartz crystals, which all Wiccans know are powerful for cleaning energy and storing intentions.  Additionally, they contain other gemstones which influence the properties of the talismans. Any gemstone which is contained in orgonite becomes magnified in power, since they are high-energy devices.

For example:

Turquoise – This is a powerful, all-purpose healing stone which also enhances creativity

Black tourmaline – This stone repels negative psychic energy and keeps you grounded

Hematite – Similar to black tourmaline, it also boost self-confidence

Rhodocrosite and rose quartz – For attracting romantic love

Lapis lazuli – For increasing your psychic powers and giving you spiritual clarity

Garnet – Attracts money, increases success in business and relieves depression

 Orgonite talisman pendants can help you increase your magic powers by surrounding you with positive energy.



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