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Exorcism– The Basics
A exorcism is a art to banish a spirit or trap a spirit forcefully. Doing a Exorcism is pretty much banishing something.

  1.  The self-exorcism : This occurs when the possessed person, still conscious, is intensely focused on emotions, memories or thoughts inconsistent with the demon or ghost, to such an extent that the evil spirit’s hold is weakened by the inner strength of his victim. With their knowledge of concentration, meditation and emotional control, witches, pagans and mediums are best placed to exorcise themselves.

  2. Exorcism by dislodgement : This is when the possessed person is rescued by a beneficial spirit, which enters the body and takes the place of the demon or ghost, forcing it to leave. Once the enemy is gone, the beneficial spirit lets go and the victim is released. Pets, angels and some benevolent ghosts can play this role.

  3.  Exorcism by magic : This is the most powerful form of exorcism, where a third party uses a spell or ritual to expel the possessor by force of magic. (Note that if the possessed person has sufficient control to make the ritual or formula and perform a self-exorcism by magic, it can be very powerful!)

General principles of exorcism

There are as many ways to  perform an exorcism as there are cases of possessions, but some general rules are worth mentioning:

In the next post, we will teach you some ways to perform exorcisms.



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