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Magic(k) Real or Fake!
This question comes around many times on this site and others as well. I thought placing a forum about would help these few people understand the facts of magic(k).

What is Magic(k)?

Magic(k) is an art that has been practice for a very long time. It takes "Neutral energy" (Energy that just roams), and the caster wills that "Neutral Energy" into either a "Positive" (Good) or "Negative" (Bad). Even though there is no good and bad. There is just intent.

What is Fake Magic(k)?

Fake magic(k) depends, some of the television movies/shows, show fake spells and magic(k). Fake magic(k) is interpretating impossible stuff. Like;


What are the "Laws of Nature"?

The "Laws of Nature" are universal laws, that prohibit us to go beyond (Means impossible). They are border lines from realist magic(k) and fake magic(k). This guide was created to help people understand possible from impossible.

So is Magic(k) real or fake?

Well in this concept it is your decision on what you believe, magic(k) is real to those who actually believe and are willing to work with the energy, magic(k) is as real as we are.


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