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Write your Own Spell
When you cast a spell, it's always work best if you write your own. These are methods for writing your own spells.

1. Define the goal of the ritual. Understand your magickal need. Know what it is you are casting this spell for.

2. Find or create the words of power you will need (a chant or prayer). A simple rhyme will do. Memorize these, it helps to not have to look into your book or piece of paper constantly.

2. If you are invoking a deity and/or anything else, decide on who and/or what and memorize an invocation or simply create one of your own. (For an example, if you were calling Hecate, you could simply say, "Hecate, Dark Goddess, I call thee!").

3. Decide when and where you will work your magick, keeping in mind the lunar phases and days of the week.

4. Plan how you will visualize your goal in your mind. Describe it:

5. Decide on any correspondences, such as herbs, colors, elements, and tools, that you want in your ritual. Write these down and decied on how to include them in the ritual. (Example: "Water would be appropriate for this ritual, so I will have a bowl of water on my altar").


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