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Quit Smoking
A lot of people try to quit smoking, even if its not unhealty how you belive, well its unhealty only if you belive, but thats another thing, here its a simple ritual to quit smoking pretty fast!

This ritual will teach you how to stop smoking if you want, onestly i dont want to quit because its not unhealty, but that's another story, well, for the beginning you will need 3 things : 1 - your mind, 2- a purified/magic water, 3- a glass beaker.

In a early morning take a shower to clean yourself, take some clean clothes on you, but with some bright colors like white, yellow, green, light blue, even red. make some purified water and put it in the glass beaker, put your hands over the glass and close your eyes, concentrate over the water from the glass, imagine how its becoming more and more powerful, shinny, and imagine how will clean your body and will eliminate smoking from your life! Drink some water from the glass and imagine how the water is realising a bright energy that cleans your lungs, and your entire body! After you did that, make a 5 minutes cardio exercices. Exercices are for the recovering of your body, and to full your time with something else when you usually smoke, and everytime you feel the need to smoke, take a mouth of water from that glass and make 5 minutes of exercices, or anything else what would you like of course! Oh, and another thing, if you still have cigarettes do not break them or trow them away, just give them so somebody else and in that time imagine how your smoking needs are going together with the cigarettes! And dont worry the person who receive them wont gonna have problems after that!


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