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Beginners Guide to Magick Chapter.3
The diffrence between black magick and white magick.

Many people who know nothing of magick, let alone Wicca/Paganism often think black magick and white magick are often the same. But they aren't.

Black magick:

This type of magick is often the magick that is used to cause harm. Which would be cursing people(making them sick, tearing up their relationships/friendships ect.)

Black magick also messes with freewill. When you use black magick, there can be karma coming your way. Sometimes not right away, but it does come three times worse than what you sent out. However, whenever this happens, it's best to cast a spell to remove the negative energy which can be found on this website.

White magick:

This type of magick is often used for healing and protecting, ect. You's use this to remove bad luck or bad energies around you or otthers and protect and heal.

White magick does NOT mess with freewill. But there still can be consequences depending on what you do. So always be careful on what you do while casting spells based off white magick. The only way you'd get karma is if you're doing any spells that's messing with freewill or the health/life of you, or others.

If you wanted to cast a love spell, you'd have to be very careful because love spells are messing with freewill. But there is a way to do a love spell without messing with freewill that can trigger your chances to be with your desired love. Let's say for instance you do a spell that can trigger them into talking to(friendship spell) and you can start from there by not using magick to get them to have feelings for you.If you have any questions about this article, you may message me and I'll get to you as soon as I can. Blessed be.


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