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Spirt Spell
This spell is ancient. It allows you to see each other 's spirits and thoughts

Things you need

A candle/ incense stick

A black cloth

First , light the candle or incense stick and keep it to your right. Lie down on the ground and tie the black cloth on your hip. Chant the spell 10 times

" I command the gates of the spirit world to open and unleash its power on me

My spirit needs to bond with my mind to give me the power to destroy all evil "

Close your eyes and imagine yourself floating in a meadow of flowers. Concentrate.

Do you hear the sound of laughter ? If you do, continue to meditate and concentrate on that sound. This will lead you to the gate of the spirit world. Imagine a cave and go in. Feel your spirit and imagine the gate of the spirit world and go in. Once you go in, open your eyes. If you do not hear the sound of laughter , keep trying until you hear it.

Side effects - headache ( 30 minutes )


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