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Article of Fairy Magic Volume 1
The first ritual of the fairies

Fairy magic

Fairy magic is used for good and bad. It is very common. Fairy creatures live among us but , we do not realize their presence due to a lot of stress which are mixed within our lives. This article contains the first ritual ever created by fairies.

Presence of mind

This ritual makes us realize the meaning of our life and the difference between good and evil. It makes us see in a better point of view and creates harmony among us.

Close your eyes. Think of all your birthdays , friends , parents and and all the happy times you had in your life. Then , think of the times where you were scared , hated and confused. Think of all the times you heard someone crying. How do you feel ? Happy , sad or worried ? Open your eyes . What do you hear and see ? All those thoughts makes you tire. Have a long nap. After you wake up , you will feel better

Side effects of the ritual - headache


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