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Simple Protection
I am creating this article for a simple protection. When doing a protection spell you should know what you want to stay inside that protection and what to stay out. If you don't then the ritual or spell will not work.

This one is to keep spiritual unwanted beings out from you. The things you will need will be;

Now take the chalk and draw a pentacle on the location of your chosing. Place the 5 white candles on each of the 5 points of the pentacle. Light the match within the pentacle (this is because once the candles are light what ever is out of the circle is unwanted). Light the first candle and say;

"Goddess/God here my cry, keep the spiritual being outside. Let the candles be my sheild from the creature that lurks and causes me chills. Goddess/God here my plead bless this circle, So Mote it Be!"


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