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Alice Of Human Sacrifice
The story of Alice you will get updates acording to what I know.
the next update will probebly be when I finish my tests and that would be at the end of November. If you have any questions abut my grammer or a request tell me.

Alice was a witch in Russia. Not mach is known adout her, but i will try telling us mach as i know adout her. She had a mansion that she killed humans with spells. Some even disapired without a trace.(The king of Russia, his sister, two Beltic childen [from Estonia and Latvia] and a lot more) No one even suspected Alice. the victoms were called Alices.

The 1st Alice was a girl who was a knight. Alice made her join her in her mansion. There was blood stanes everywere.

The 2nd Alice was a singer witch came from France. Alice took his voice and sang a song with other voices she took.

the 3rd Alice was the king of Russia. witch killed a lot of women who disobaied him. Alice knew he was the perfect one to play with.


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