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A Fairy Spell
Spread leaves in a circle around two people. Sprinkle water on the spell caster (you), and the two people holding hands.

  1. Have the two people holding hands sit on their knees or criss cross.

  2. Next spread leaves around them in a circle. Have them close their eyes, and feel the earth and the world around them.

  3. Drop the water on their heads (only two drops each) then circle them chanting "wind surround them, making them what they wish to be, a fairy".

  4. The words 'fairy to be' are spoken to return to human again, when the words 'human to be' are spoken, have them chant "fairy to be me, a fairy of the tree"

  5. Have them raise their hands up to the sky and everyone must chant "Fairy to become fairy to fly! Let the wind twirl by!" Have the two humans lay on the ground staring at the sky until they feel that it is time to get up and go inside.

Side Effects: feeling dizzy, back aching, wanting to go outside, the wind seems to "favor you", you understand trees.


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