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Cleansing your Crystals
Here is told how to cleanse and why you should cleanse your crystals. Hope you like it!

Cleansing your stones is very important. They absorb negative vibrations and energies, that disturbs our own vibes. To make your crystals work you must cleanse and charge them. Here i easy one:

1. Take your crystal and put it under flowing water. Can be sink or little stream. Visualize energy flowing through the crystal

2. After the first part take little bowl. Size should be enough tall, that crystal is underwater. Add in the bowl springwater, bay leaves, 1/2ts clove powder, 1 1/2tbs sea salt, 5drops spell oil and lavendel and bit of basil. Mix herbs into water, then add crystal in it.

3. Bless this stone when it lays in the water.

4. Put the bowl in the direct sunlight, it charges your crystal.

After 5 hours of sun charging, take it and cleanse it with pure water. After this ritual you can start to use your stone. Now its energies are in harmony, in balance and good vibrations.


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