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Food Magical Correspondences
Magical correspondences in the kitchen these are veggies and fruits.

➤ Apples:

attract love, healing, and aid in divination.

➤ Almonds:

bring money and wisdom.

➤ Avocados:

help bring love and lust.

➤ Bananas are for fertility, potency, and prosperity.

➤ Barley:

helps with love spells and healing and can also be used for protection. ➤ Blackberries promote healing and prosperity and help draw money.

➤ Beets:

draw love.

➤ Carrots

promote fertility and lust.

➤ Cashew:

nuts can help draw money.

➤ Celery:

promotes mental and psychic powers.

➤ Corn:

is used for protection, drawing luck, and promoting divination skills. ➤ Cucumbers are good for healing and fertility issues.

➤ Grapes:

promote fertility and mental powers.

➤ Leeks:

are useful for protection and can be used in love spells.

➤ Lemons:

are used for purification and as an aid to mental clarity. ➤ Oranges promote prosperity and luck.

➤ Mustard:

is used for strengthening mental powers and fertility. ➤ Pineapples bring love and money.

➤ Pomegranates:

help with divination and can bring wealth.

➤ Rice:

promotes rain and fertility and can be used to draw money. ➤ Strawberries bring love and luck.

➤ Turnips:

are good for protection and help end relationships.

➤ Vanilla:

helps attract men and promotes mental energy.


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