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All Purpose Witches Water
This is my own personal recipe and ritual. It is literally for all purposes.

Do not drink - *may cause a tummy ache*



Red rose petals - love

Yellow rose petals - protection / prosperity

Pink rose petals - peace / happiness

Anise star

Chamomile flower

2 Pinches of sugar

1 Pinch of salt

Drop of your blood - so the deities can know you are truly dedicated to them


Pendant - make sure your pendant is already charmed or bless.

this adds a lot more power to the water.


Put water to boil, while the water is boiling , go into a small meditation opening up your mind and heart. This gives you a lot of energy.

Then add the ingredients using your power hand.

Once all the ingredients are in, mix them.

Take off your pendant put it over the pot and say:

"By the power of the five elements, Spirit, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, by the power of the gods and goddesses (or your specific deities), may You bless this water that I make. Blessed be."

Once you say this chant add a drop of your blood to the water to show your deities that you are truly dedicated to them. Then, finish mixing, thank the deities again. Pour the water into a container, label it whatever you please, and put it away.

Make sure you turn the stove off when you're done and thoroughly wash the pot or cauldron once you are done.

*Once again, this is my own personal recipe and spell. It works well with me. It can be used for all purposes. Let me know how it works for you guys. Thank you, and enjoy. Blessed be. :)


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