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Awakening Your Magick
This ritual makes your spells work better and helps you awaken your magickal belief.

Find some time alone, where you have some peace and quiet that you will be able to make dark .

Find a candle that you feel represents you. It could be

one of your favorite color...or it could be one that when you pick it up you feel something special - it just "feels" right.

Take the candle, and sit in a comfortable position on the floor. Put both of your hands around the candle, and hold it in your lap. clear your mind and slow your breathing. Take long, deep, even breaths. Relax. When you are relaxed think about your past and your present.

As you think of yVisualize every thought you have "transferring" into the candle...if it

helps, you can visualize a white puffy jet stream travelling away from your head,

and into the candle in your hands...

Focus on this for a few minutes (or longer), you'll know when you've put enough of

yourself into the candle.our true self,and who you really are as a person.

Next, place the candle in a candle holder and set it on your altar in the

room. Light the candle.turn off the lights, close the curtains, and create a dark

room. This dark room represents the clarity of emptiness, and the candle represents

all that you are.Focus on the flame.feel the magick filling the room and you.think of everythng sacred and belive you hav magick filled in you.Build the belief till you have no doubt about you being in magick..

when you are done snuff out the candle..


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