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The misconception of spells that they can do anything. Spells are more like prayers and when you read this please take this as my opinion.

What are spells?

Spells are like prayers, in many churches they pray to their god. When we do a spell we pray to the divine energy. If it's possible the divine will let the spell happen. If it isn't then the spell will not.

There are a lot of spells that wil not work and a lot of fluff in spells that you see on television.

Is there a specific language you have to speak?

No spells do not require a specific language. Spells only require the three qualifications;

What material do you need in a spell?

Spells do not require material, some people actually believe the material give the spell more of a boost. Spells only required the three things I mentioned above. You do not need a long list of supplies.



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