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Shamanism, what is a Shaman? What do they do? the questions are answered in this short article.

Shamans, some to all don't practice in spell casting. Most Shamans do not fit well inside the cities. Most prefer to stay away from none-nature object such as, electricity, running water..ect. If you are a Shaman and you do, do these these things, then you spend most of your time in the wilderness.

Indians such as the Huichol clan, have many Shamans, they were considered the Shaman Nation at one point in time. Shamans practice in many things, they do chanting such as the worrier chant, some people believe that Shamans can see into a future.

Shamans like to also heal, most of the Shaman's like to use their powers for healing..healing the universe, Earth, people..ect. Shamans are said to be able to become more intuned with nature. Most Indian Shamans, like to dance around a bond fire, chanting for celebration. Shamans respect their lives, they don't want to miss one second of their lives, sitting around and doing nothing, the like to give back to nature/universe.


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