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Spell to Help Concentrate your Magic
You can cast this spell upon yourself to concentrate other spells you do.

Numerous leaves
An area to sit
An item
A marker
Four pieces of paper

This spell will concentrate other spells you perform. Sit in your spot and sprinkle the leaves in a circle around you. Now, draw an arrow on each of the papers, label them with North, East, South and West and put them in the correct direction around you. Place the stuffed animal in front of you. Now, look at the item and say this:

You will concentrate my spells. You will listen to me. You will help me. You will grant my wishes. For this contribution, I offer you freedom after your work. I force you to do this. You shall.

Now, whenever you start to begin a spell, look at the item and say:

Release your magic on the spell.

That is the ritual. Hope you like!


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