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Seeing Entities
Apparently most of the people here don't actualy know how to do it.

This is a raly easy thing to do, baisicly all you half to do is un-focus your eyes and look straight forward and you will see somthing fuzy mowing aroand, but not straight forward whwere you are looking but everywhere else but if jou move your eyes and focus in on it it will disappear, in time it will get easier in time you will also see whats right infront of you aside from whre your focusing your wision, and once your really good at it you'll be able to see it at will, dont wory if at first you wont see anything, or if what you see is fuzy and unclear, practise makes perfekt, this technique lets you see entitys, demons, spirits and ghosts (not the same thing spirits have moved on ghosts haven't) all sorts of energys and residal energys, and ofcorse auras, dont try to argue back with some sciance mambo jambo with in a months practise you'll belive that its true, if sciance wasn't flawed and ower rationalizing things you wouldn't be here, be warned it tires your eyes mor than normal over doing it will get you glasses


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