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Light Body Meditation Part 2
The third and fourth steps of light body meditation.

Third Step

The third area to visualize is in the center of your head. Just visualize a golden sun there -the size of that golden sun should be equivilent to the size of a ping-pong ball. Do this visualization for ten minutes. After the ten minutes,visualize the golden sun is growing and ecompassing your entire head, filling your head and shining outwards for about ten more minutes. Then visualize the golden energy as a golden water spout, springing right out from your head through the crown chakras, like water from the water fountain. Imagine the water spouting upwards, then falling down upon you. In this golden energy of water bath and showers will create the light body, helping you to become active and energized as all your pathways open.

Suggestion: Do this routine, along with the first two steps, until you feel comfortable with it.

Fourth Step

Being to focus on the core star at the center of the body, between the second and third chakras on the physical body. In your own time visualize the there is a bright white light at your center and feel at one with the world around you and the cosmos.

Suggestion: Do this routine, along with all previous ones, until you feel comfortable with it. You should be able to do steps one through four with little trouble after practice.


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