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Energy Replenish
Replenishes ones energy.

Okay well, this mostly helps you regain energy faster, this is a basic way of doing so. Okay you can use one of two options in this little spell/ritual;

*A Pentacle or Pentagram.

*(Additional option) Incense.

Now you must take either your pentacle or pentagram and draw it on a piece of paper.

Not to confuse these too, but pentacles are a star within a circle, and a pentagram is a star alone. Using the pentacle or pentagram is representing a symbolic connection to the universes energy.

Now, remember after creating the pentacle or pentagram, if you choose to use the incense then place the incense on the spirit point (the top point). Light the incense if you do, if you don't use the incense, then just follow these next steps.

Place your power hand (Writing hand) on the pentacle or pentagram. Now imagine the pentacle or pentagram glowing with the energy of the universe. Going from the pentacle or pentagram into you.

(If you are NOT using the incense then you may stop here)

Now if you are using the incense imagine the smoke from the incense is clearing your aura and the old energy and the pentacle or pentagram in replenishing new energy.

The more you practice this technique the better you will get.


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