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How to Remember Past Life
From the secret teaching of Thoth emerald tablets: Key to Life and Death.

Thoth descriptions of the teaching or method will not be easily understood. If no one has God knowledge, no one would understand.

Thoth specifically mentions these technique are meant to be taught to the world. It should not be a secret nor should anyone take and profane the teaching or else. He comes for you.

So the teachings goes by Thoth.

In thy heart place thy soul and sweep it to the seat of the triangle. Move to thy goal which is between thine brows and let it seat in thy brain and wait until the fingers of death grasps thy soul.

For your people who has no I knowledge of God teaching:

With the mind focus on the heart.

Focus on the energy thats growing and glowing.

With the mind focus on the energy.

With the mind, move the energy to the tip of the nose.

Then inside the nose. (Seat of triangle/ Pyramid)

Then move the energy to the third eye.

Then move into the mind.

Focus on the self and not think of anything.

Relax, focus, and you shall see.

Continue to move the energy into the brain and focus.


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