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Psi Beginners 4: Psychic Shower
A way to cleanse, charge, and protect your aura

1. Visualize yourself covered in black gunk. You can barely make out the color of your skin and hair through this gunk.

2. Turn on the water and step in. With each drop of water visualize the black gunk coming off. Once you have gotten all of this gunk off proceed to step 3.

3. Turn up the heat of the water. Do not make it uncomfortable. Feel the steam and visualize it as white light being absorbed and surrounding your body, not like a shield but just like a thin layer around yourself.

4. Now do any physical washing that is left.

5. Once you are finished in the shower, visualize several large mirrors appear around you in a circle. Visualize your energy filling the inside of the mirrors and negative energy harmlessly being bounced off.


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