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How to create a traditional smudge stick
This is how to construct a basic smudge stick

Smudging has long been used by Native Ames and people of other religious faith to cleanse a space or area of Negativity or anything that may be considered Negative in Nature.



About 50 8" dried or partially dried Cedar

About 100 8" dried or partially dried sage


1 yard long strand of red or white yarn or the string used to make friendship bracelets


Mix up all the twigs and sage until they're all mixed good

Take the scissors and cut off any sage or cedar that may be longer than the rest

Now take your string and start wrapping it at the bottom of the bundle 3xs

now work your way around the bundle (it should look criss crossed)

And once there's only about 5" Left bring the string back down to the bottom and tie it off.

TADA you have your own smudge stick:)


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