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Differences Between Black and White Magic
In the media, Black and White Magic can mean the difference between Good and Evil. However, there is much depth into this subject and should be studied closely by those who wish to dedicate themselves to one art.

White Magic: Mainly deals with good spells, such as healing and fertility. It seems rather shallow, that such a purpose is limited to being selfless and generous; which it is. Anything that has to do with anything other isn't really considered "White Magic." 

Black Magic: Usually deals with revenge and tampering with free-will. Is there a middle ground?

Grey Magic: Anything not committed to a label. It can be for you or someone else, just as long as the consequence is defined. What if you have good intentions but have bad consequences? Unfortunately, that would fall into black magic. Black, white, and grey magic are all easily defined but also vague.


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