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Meditating is hard not so easy.Takes power and can help you with magic.

Meditating is very important to spell casters and people with magic that do spells.Meditating can help you learn how to focus your energy and can help you learn how to control.Meditating is hard for a very large amount of people because some people have trouble using there magical energy with in them.I have trouble myself if I have to admit.If you meditate your spells will have a stronger chance of happening.If you do a healing spell and you know how to meditate then you can heal someone in your mind while your meditating.If you are real good at meditating then here is a more challenge that's hard for everyone who tries it.Meditate while doing a spell.If you are doing a healing spell for example then you can just put your hand over the scratch or something then you can just meditate in your mind focusing your energy for the spell then the spell will go faster and will work better:)

~I hope you young spell casters become advanced with magic by using meditation good luck and like meditation magic takes work:)~


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