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Elemental invokation
How to invoke the elements before a spell

What you will need: one purple spirit candle one blue water candle one yellow air candle one green earth candle one red fire candle Just know that you don't actually need anything to preform magick except your mind and belief. YOU are the most important tool in magick. Anyways, set up your candles in a pentacle form around you that has spirit in front, water to your right, fire to your bottom right, earth to your bottom left, and air to your left. Now, Light your air candle, and say Come to me, winds of change. Come with the breathe and life of magick. Next, light your earth candle, saying, come to me, earthen foundations. come with the soils and growth of magick. next, light your fire candle, saying, come to me, fires of transformation. com with the power and understanding of magick. then, light your water candle saying, come to me, waves of inspiration. come with the waters of creativity of magick. next, light your spirit candle, saying, come to me, ancient ones. come to me, God and Goddess. Come, spirit, and witness my dedication as I make my first step today on the path of magick. Now when you close your circle, say, earth, air, fire, and sea, thank you for sharing this day with me. now that magicks growing in my heart, merry meet and merry part."


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