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Aura Layers correspondence
This article describes the layers meaning in relation to the body.

Aura Layers correspondence

1) The first layer located closest to the body, represents the physical and relates to physical comfort, health, and pleasure.

2) The second layer represents the Etheric and relates to respect, acceptance, and love when pertaining to one?s self image.

3) The third layer represents the emotional and relates to the rational mind and ability to understand situations in a clear, linear, rational way.

4) The fourth layer represents the Astral and emotional and relates to interactions with friends and family.

5) The fifth layer represents the Divine (also called Lower mental) divine will within a person and the ability to align with and use the Divine will.

6) The sixth layer represents Divine love and even ecstasy on a spiritual level (also called Higher mental).

7) The seventh layer represents the Spiritual and intuitive and relates to being connected with the higher Divine in one?s mind and have a greater understanding of the universe.


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