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The Armanen Runes or Futhark
This article is about the Armanen Runes or Futhark founded by the Austrian occult mysticist Guido von List.

The Armanen runes, or Armanen "Futharkh" as Guido von List referred to them, are a row of 18 runes that are closely based in shape (though not necessarily name, let alone interpretation) on the Younger Futhark. They were "revealed to" the Austrian occult mysticist and Germanic revivalist Guido von List in 1902, and subsequently published by him.

1-Fa (an inverted Fe)


3-Thurs (as Anglo-Saxon Thorn) (also known as 'Dorn')

4-Os (a mirrored Younger Futhark Os)

5-Rit (as Reidh)

6-Ka (as in Younger Futhark)

7-Hagal (as Younger Futhark Hagall)


(as Younger Futhark Naud) (also known as Not)

9-Is (as in Younger Futhark) 10-Ar (similar to short-twig Younger Futhark)

11-Sig (as Anglo-Saxon Sigel)


13-Bar (as Younger Futhark Bjarkan)

14-Laf (as Younger Futhark Logr)

15-Man (as Younger Futhark Madr)

16-Yr (as in Younger Futhark, but with a sound value [i])

17-Eh (the name is from Anglo-Saxon Futhork, the shape like Younger Futhark Ar)

18-Gibor (the name similar to Anglo-Saxon Fu)


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