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Magic Types
The varies types of magic.

It is a common mistake to think that there are types of magic, such as, black magic or white magic. It is true that most spells are sided, meaning that they are more commonly used for good or bad. What is means is that while a spell which is regarded as black magic, such as raising the dead, is not nesseserialy so. A black magic spell is totally depenedent on the casters intentions. So if a person is rising the dead so that they could say a final goodbye to someone they had lost that would be more down the path of white or neutral magic, yet if they were raising the dead to from an army then that would be black magic.

The easiest way to tell the types of magic apart is by deciding if the magic helps others, white magic, helps no one or yourself, neutral magic, or if is helps yourself at the expense of others, black magic.


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