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This is some tips on how to choose the right spells, dates, phases, and items youneed for a successful apell

1) Pik what spell you want to do, and the hour!

2) See what the planets are in, and e moon phase if your doing money try new that way you have new opportunities to make money, for love do new or full, and so on

3) gather the right tools, if you need money gather fake money a green candle a new moon and some pennies, in chant a simple chant like is:

Money money come to me, sometime after this new moon money will find me, I seek new opportunities, so please give this to me! Gods here my plea!!

Then say that until you feel heat then Chanel it into a burning candle then put fake money bills onto the candle flame an put it into a cup and fill it with the pennies, then let it burn out!

4) say the spell right and try your vest


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