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What is a Fluff?
This is an article pertaining to a group of people known as "Fluffies" or just Fluff.

What is a fluff?

We have a name for people who come on here and boast and brag about impossiblities. There are people who say they can control fire and then there are people who say they are werewolves and vampires. What do we cal these people? Fluffies. Or Fluffs for short. 


How do fluffs behave?

It can vary from fluff to fluff. But the ones I've encountered are extremely stubborn and think they're a special snowflake. Don't be a special snowflake. You are you, and that is all you need to be. Fluffs think they can shapeshift, and shoot fire, time travel and all that other impossibility. You can't do any of it. No one can.


How do I avoid fluffs?

Ignore them. They'll go away eventually. And if they don't, there's this little thing called a block button. Very useful.



You are human. Human is what you will be. You are born human, you will live as a human and you will die as a human. You cannot control the elements, physically shapeshift, time travel or control the weather. 



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