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Simple Wrewolf meditation
The meditation is of the most basic form for those wishing to follow the Wolf Path. The information was taken from the bible, however I believe I may have altered it more than just putting it in my own words, I don't recall.

Werewolf Meditation

Simple Wolf relaxation meditation

As with many paths, the types of meditation can differ depending on what one is seeking. The simplest form of meditation for relaxation is considered the “sit down, shut up and stop”.

While sitting in a relaxed position with your hands overlapped and eyes closed, the Practitioner takes two slow deep breaths and returns his or her breathing to normal.

The Practitioner should simply sit quietly and try to relax swatting away any thoughts from the day attempting to not pay any attention to them. Paying attention to these thoughts can give them life while ignoring them will make them vanish.


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