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List of Norse deities I know of
In the tittle

Odin king of the gods

Thor son of Odin

Vil and Ve the father and uncle of Odin.

Ymir the first being in existence. Slayed to create the 9 realms.

Freyja a goddess of love sometimes considered to be leader of the Valkyries half the honored dead where hers.

Fenrir a son of Loki. Bit the god Tyrs arm off. Will kill Odin in turn killed by his son skuor.

Loki a god/jotunn that lives among the gods. Will lead an army against the gods on ragnoroke.

Jotunn race of giants.

Surtur the fire jotunn and king of the fire jotunns. Will slay Frey.

Frey sword wielding harvest god. Killed by surtur in the ragnoroke. Put out surtur's eye.


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