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2 basic categories of Satanisim
Two basic categories of Satanism and my own thoughts on some of the info.

Categorizations in general: Part 2

Despite the widely diverse nature, most sights appear to break the different groups down into two main categories being of either Theistic Satanism or Atheistic Satanism. (1)

According to Wikipedia, Theistic Satanists are said to venerate Satan as a Deity whereas Atheistic Satanists are said to consider themselves as either “atheists, agnostics” and see Satan as a symbol of human traits.(1) The information from Wikipedia seems like it could be an oxymoron. Given there is no such definition as an atheist Christian and the word atheist in itself can be defined as one that does not believe in a deity and (4) Agnostics basically believe there is not enough knowledge to determine if there is or is not a deity. (5)

Theistic Satanism, also referred to by some as spiritual, religious or Traditional Satanism (6,8) as well as the common Christian definition of devil worship (7), is a practice by those people that pay homage to a Deity named Satan (hence Satanism). (1, 7) Some people involved in Theistic Satanism may practice magick (witchcraft) while others do not. (6)

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