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Casual Satanism Defined
This is a short to the point article that defines the general meaning of Casual Satanism.

Casual Satanism use to have a different name and I’m sure I saw it on Wikipedia, but it is gone now. As with Christianity, Wicca, Judaism and almost every other religious division, the term casual Satanism is applied to people that may where “demonic imagery” such as an inverted necklace, dress in dark clothing ect. and never actually practice Satanism, usually knowing nothing about it. (1)

According to information, casual Satanists usually use symbols for shock value. (1) What this article and other articles leave out involving Christianity, Judaism, etc. appeared to be the fact people that wear the cross, star of David etc should also be considered casual Jews or casual Christians. From now on, I’m going to start using the word casual Jew and casual Christian to refer to that group.

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