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A Water Element Ritual to Enchant Jewelry
My brother and I tested it. It didn't work when we first made it, but two years later it worked. So for experienced practitioners only. It helps with water magic.


  1. Get a tub full of water or go to a pond.

  2. Put the bracelet or necklace into the water.

  3. Say "I enchant this with the element of water."

  4. Let it stay in the water for about 4 minutes.

  5. Next take it out and channel energy into the jewlrey. Then put it in the water.

  6. Wait for 1 minute then say, "Power of water flow in to this object." Let sit for another minute.

  7. Next say: "Oh Gods and Goddesses of water , enchant this item with the magik of water."

  8. Let it stay for another minute. Then say "So mote it be".

  9. Let sit for 5 more minutes. Then pick it up and dry it. Wait the next day. Then wear it. 


Notes: you can add a pentagram or candle. Any type of water will do.


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