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How to make a wand.
This is how to make a real wand. Wands just help channel your energy.

Alright for this you will need a stick, dry leafs a lot of them and voice and water, and a woods. The woods do not have to be huge. Here's the ritual: go to the woods and gather a lot of leaves and a freshly plucked stick. Put some of the leaves in a circle around the stick. Say nature I wish for you to make this stick my wand. Then gring the rest on the leaves up and sprinkle them on top and all over the stick. Then say: Mother Nature hear my call please make this stick my wand. Late it sit for 30 seconds. The. Say: oh spirits and gods and goddesses, and Mother Nature make this stick my wand so mote it be! Then go home and fill a huge cup with water then put the stick in the water. Preferable natural water like spring or some type of water. Then say: oh please make this my wand so mote it be.


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