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Protection Incantation
A protection incantation to use before attempting complicated spells or any in which a higher level of protection is needed.

I am a witch of ancient lore,

I petition these trees, and forest floor,

Converge myself upon this site,

Spider weaving, power and might,

Air and fire, water and earth,

Aid in my quest, i call you forth,

Aradia, Aradia, i intone,

Thrice the power you have shone,

Open my spiral of strength and sorcery,

Encompass the soul, you have granted me,

Pentacle of old, stones of deep,

Protection around, assistance i see,

Marry my veins, to this earth,

Cernunno's i summon you forth,

Steele needles and pins,

Red blood of sins,

Buried deep in clandestine dusk,

Liquid venus, scent of musk,

Hear my words from moon to moon,

Cite the Lord and Lady's Rune,

By the law of three times three,

So Mote it Be.


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