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Overview and interpretation.


Airchmomancy is thought by some to have been a pre cursor to Acultomancy (divination via needles). In this form, any pointed object could be utilized to divine the future. The objects used could be anything from needles to stakes.

The practitioner would take any object with a point, drop it on a flat surface and predict a future event by interpreting the pattern made by the objects.


The only interpretation Iím able to find at this time regarding this form of divination comes from Wikipedia, so take the below noted as you will. The prediction appears in the form of numbers.

Number 1, indicates love, 2 indicates money, 3 indicates a gift, 4 indicates some type of grief, 5 indicates a danger, 6 indicates a dispute, 7 indicates a person being detained or imprisoned, 8 indicates some form of endangerment of another, 9 indicates honesty, 10 indicates joy or happiness, 12 indicates upcoming news, 13 indicates a type of illness, 14 indicates upcoming nuptials, 15 indicates a birth, 16 indicates a struggle in something, 17 indicates a type of pleasure, 18 indicates a type of a chance encounter, 19 indicates a meeting, 20 indicates success in something, 21 indicates a separation, 22 indicates something involving health, 23 indicates a personís self-importance belief and 24 indicates a road to be traveled or not to be traveled.





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