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Tarot deck conversion
Conversion from Tarot to playing cards.

Tarot deck conversion

Tarot/ standard deck conversions

If you’re looking for insight using a standard deck, it’s often helpful to convert the suits to the representation that it would hold if it were a Tarot deck. The simple way of converting the regular tarot cards is to drop the first number of the compound number.

If you’re converting by number using the standard deck of playing cards, kings are thirteen (13), queans are twelve (12), the Jack is Eleven (11), and the Ace is one (1).

If your using a standard deck to perform a reading, the below conversion can be used.

Diamonds –coins; financial matters and material world.

Hearts-Cups; emotional matters and or spiritual.

Spades-swords; situation effected by power, authority, enemies, cold person (may only be cold in the situation at hand).

Clubs-wands; situations involving intellect, ambition and career ventures.


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