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Tarot spreads
7 card spread.

Tarot spreads

The easiest Tarot spread I can think of is the seven card spread that can answer yes and no questions. This spread can be interpreted as yes or no as well as showing what happened in the past, present, and future.

Seven Card spread for yes no questions

Shuffle the cards and take the first seen cards laying them out on the table with the 4th card being placed slightly above the other cards. Some people like laying them out from right to left others from left to right, though the choice is yours.

The fourth card in the spread represents where the person your reading is at the time of the reading.

When youíre interpreting the cards as yes and no, each card is worth one point. If the card is in the up right or positive position its one point for yes, if the card is in the negative or upside down position its one point for no. The 4th card in the reading is worth 2 points.

Simply add up the points and whichever one has the most points is your answer.

If you come up with an even number it means the tarot canít give you the answer at that time.


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