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Hypnoses defined

Hypnoses defined

Some people believe Hypnoses is nothing more than a state of mind where a person is open to information. In some ways, I believe there could be a positive correlation to this theory, though I believe there is a better way of explaining it.

The more we study the brain, the more we understand what a hypnotic state is. My interpretation of a hypnotic state is that it is an altered state of consciousness. This altered state can generally be marked as a state of relaxation or even one of confusion depending on the person in the state however; neither relaxation nor confusion are necessary for hypnotism. Hypnotism can be viewed as a state in which a persons conscious mind is set aside leaving a direct path to the subconscious mind which is more susceptible to suggestions. Now, when we look at altered states of conscious, we can see that we spend a significant amount of time in an altered state

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