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Hypnoses V. Altered State
Discussion of altered states.

Hypnoses V. Altered State

An altered state can be one in which a person is simply not aware of all the things going on around them. In hypnosis, the person is also generally more receptive to the suggestion of the practitioner. One of the commonly occurring remarks regarding Hypnosis is that the person feels better able to concentrate and focus on specific events of the past or explicit thoughts in general. Letís think of some times during the day that we may not be aware of things going on around us.

Have you ever had a good book that youíre reading? Maybe you were reading that book in front of the TV. At some points, your brain begins to tune out the TV and maybe other things. Youíre so engrossed in the book youíre unaware of whatís happening on the TV.

Have you ever been watching TV and someone asked you a question? Many people say yes not really hearing what the person said. Later on, someone may tell you that you said yes to something while you were watching TV and you may after a period of time recall doing so, but not knowing what the exact question was that you answered yes to.

Have you ever been driving a car in a snow storm and got side tracked by the way the snow is falling in the headlights? Yes, there is a reason why people tell you not to use high beams in a snow storm. It is very easy to create a trance state due to snow fall. At times, on a hot day, people are able to see the aura coming up off the road and can be memorized by it. Again, it is not suggested to focus on the hazy color coming off the road unless youíre in the passenger seat.

The above happens often as people are in a type of altered state during the day often. What other altered states can we think of? Have you ever been in school listening to the teacher and really board? The teacherís voice may fade into the background and you may begin to get some tunnel vision. You may even be able to perceive Auras.

Depending on how much a person has dissociated from his or her surroundings, the deeper the state is. While many believe dissociation is a negative event, and it can be if it occurs at the wrong time, Dissociation has been noted as being therapeutic

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