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Elemental Water
I learned this many, many years ago and to this day, I only use this Elemental Water in my spell and ritual work.

Elemental Water is rain water. Not just any rainwater, special rain water. What makes it special and very hard to come by? Here is how real, genuine, authentic Elemental Water is collected.

1) The rain water is only Elemental Water when it is collected during an electrical storm. That means both thunder and lightning must be present.

2) The rain water must be collected in crystal bowls.

3) It cannot touch any object before it enters the crystal bowl. No trees, no shrubs, no telephone wire, no fences, no poles, nothing! Not even a human or animals touch.

4) It must be poured into amber glass bottles using a glass funnel. Not plastic!

5) Add two drops of real lemon juice or one drop of 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil (not fragrance oil) per 8 ounces of water.

6) Cap it and use as necessary.

As I said, this is the only water I will ever use in any of my spell or ritual work. I collect the rain water in four - one quart crystal bowls. Even then, the most I'm able to collect during a storm is 24 - 32 ounces. 


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