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What is Magick?
This article is about magick, what is magick, how does it work. Reminder: This is only my interpretation on magick.

What is magick?

Magick is energy, only energy. colors are usually represented in magick to those who visualize better with it. Magick has been written and rewritten hundreds of times. Magick isn't supernatural, it is natural, magick is the balance in order. Our very lives are magick, we run in the balance of energy. Energy is in everything and everywhere. Now you might say "I want to turn into this creature and that creature," well then I must disappoint, magick can not change anyone, physical transformation is impossible. This is because even in magick there are laws, these laws are not made from people, these laws are from the Universe.

How do you use magick?

Magick is done everyday by everyone and everything, life is magickal, our very existance is magickal, using the energy of the Universe, it may be hard to connect, especially for people that haven't used it and is out of tuned with nature.

Using the energy by will requires commitments, don't expect to get it the first time, when you do magick you must be able to awaken your subconscious mind. This needs follow the basics, the basics are created to help people in a formal fashion. This means, you will be able to follow and do things in order, without being confused.

Now you may come on here just looking for spells and stuff, well you must crawl before you walk, you must walk before you run. So this means, you must be able to start from beginning to end learning magick.


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