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Object of Desire
It allows you to obtain the object of your desires

This ritual involves some blood magic (which is considered by some people to be Black Magic)and has to be completed at midnight on a full moon night and if you don't know Latin DON'T and I Repeat DON'T try this Ritual

You will need an alter, 6 red candles, a rose, rosemary, lavender, cypress, a knife, a bowl, and a picture of the one you desire

Now you crush the rose, rosemary, lavender, and cypress in a mortar and spread it around the alter, now arrange the red candles in a circle on top of the mixture of spices and rose and light them, now take your knife hold your hand over the bowl and draw the knife over your hand while staring at the picture and chanting five times 'Nocte ad mediam noctem, a principio, testor: mihi ferre potes, et ego volo esse in perpetuum unum'


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