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Practical Class 2: Working with the Elements
A series of basic exercises, working with the elements.

Here are a few exercises that work with earth, air and water. It gives you practice in focus, concentration, visualisation and helps with changing your mind set and your connection with the elements. These are some the foundation steps needed for branching out in to the more complicated meditations and kisis studies.

Mystery of Breathing (Air Element)

With the aid or your imagination, put a thought or idea into the air about you- the air that u will be breathing - so that when u inhale, you literally absorb the thought or idea. Example u might use the thought that you will have a greater desire to study, a lesser desire for food, etc

Begin with seven breaths on the first day and increase it by one breath each day after wards. 10 minutes of practice should be sufficient.

Conscious Reception of Food (Earth Element)

This effect will be stronger than with the air element

Before dinning hold your hands in a blessing type manner over your food and imagine the thought or idea is thoroughly pervading the food.

When eating, concentrate on the idea that you are absorbing through the food. .

Magic of Water

Water is good for impregnating with ideas or emotions. It works best at just above freezing temperature; lest receptive at body temperature.

As you wash your hands imagine that you are washing all the un-cleanliness from your soul. (similar to a physic shower).

Then magnetize water with an idea and then wash to absorb the idea into your body.


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